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Less of 2017, More of 2018!

As exciting is the first day of a year,  so is the last day relaxing.  2017 is receding as December rolls into January in just a matter of few hours. I have no resolution in mind for this year. Because I have realized that time bound resolutions do not work for me. True resolutions come when there is strong desire for a change, for a purpose. When I really want a shift to happen, internally or externally. Taking a resolution just because it’s a new year would mean it is a calendar driven obligation. Of course I will be pretty charged up initially but in the longer run the excitement will subside and mind will open a floodgate of reasons why I broke the resolution,  out because the desire is not strong. Having said that, I do not demean anyone who takes up New Year resolutions. It is a good practice though.
No resolutions though but I do have a laundry list of To-Do things for 2018. In 2017 , my one key learning has been that less is more.  In hindsight, less has been more fulfilling.
Less is more
Less expectations,  More acceptance
Less demands,  More peace
Less talking,  More listening 
Less deviation,  More observation
Less fear,  More courage
Less apprehensions,  More confidence 
Less intellect,  More faith
Less social media,  More family time 
Less gossips,  More focus
Less junk food,  More health 
Less analysis,  More creativity 
This year , by God’s  grace and my hard work,  I was able to launch my site www.guptaswati.com, a dream I had been harboring                      since long. Less gave me so much more 🙂

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