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The Joy of Jasmines | Learnings

This sight made me the happiest. Finally after months, the white star jasmines in my plant.
So what’s the big deal? That’s how may be a plant grows. But this was an interesting observation period for me. When we bought this plant a few months ago, it had few jasmines. So my assumption was that since its full grown plant, it will reap flowers quite soon and often, if watered well. As compared to planting seeds or buying a smaller plant.
So I watered and nourished it religiously. After the initial flowers were plucked, the next set was of barely 1-2 flowers, that too after a long wait. I was a little disappointed. But still kept on watering it daily with adequate nourishment. Despite this, it wasn’t yielding any flower. Not even a bud. After few weeks, I lost hope and thought that the plant was dead.
But my family said that it takes time. Be patient. It was easier said than done. But still I kept watering it daily as a responsibility. There was no hope but there was no disappointment either. It became a daily habit, a practice which had no expectation except that it needs to be done daily.
And today seeing these Jasmines was a wow moment. Honestly for once I had even forgotten that this plant yields flowers. Mere 2 flowers brought in unimaginable happiness and important life learnings for me:

1. Life doesn’t run the way you plan it: My calculation was that a grown up plant guarantees more flowers and that too quickly. But I was terribly wrong. In Life too, we might take decisions with some future calculations. However, things may not turn out like we dream always. Life is not fully in our control. As much as we may deny it, there is an unseen powerful driving force.

2. Patience. Patience. Patience: This is easier said than done. But is the reality. Some things take time. All we can really do is to be consistent in our efforts and wait. I had lost hope of seeing any flower yet kept it watering daily. The outcome is not in our hands. We can only impact it through our karmas but can’t control it.

3. Expectation reduces Joy : Not every effort will give instant result or gratification. If every act is done with an expectation in mind, happiness is curtailed. Yeh karke mujhe kya milega thinking will take away peace of mind. Till the time I was watering the plant with an expectation of a flower, I was disappointed when I did not see one even after weeks. But then I started watering it daily more as a responsibility. I even forgot about the flowers honestly. It became a daily morning practice for me. And seeing the flowers was an unexpected happiness!

Sometimes somethings are just to be done as a responsibility, without any return or reward in mind. And such things make life worth living because the reward of acts without expectation is much higher.


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