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Happy 38th Sis!

Today is my sister’s 38th birthday (Yeah,  she doesn’t mind revealing her age publicly).  So I thought of dedicating her a post on my blog site.  (The actual emotions in Hindi –Wo bhi kya yaad rakhegi!)

My sister and I have an age gap of 5 years.  And we are poles apart in our personalities.  (Though we do look like sisters). Almost 16 years back when she got married,  my Jijaji (sister’s husband) made a fleeting comment “Wo gaiy hain, tu bhais hain” (meaning that she is like a cow and I am like a buffalo).  I guess that time he meant only by our skin colors as he was fairly new to our family.  My sister is pretty fair and I tend to have been inspired by dark horse. Lol

Over these years, my respect for my sister has gone up tremendously.  I may not show it often but her strong willed nature , compassionate heart and sacrifices are something that I truly admire and appreciate.  It’s not easy to get married and embrace motherhood at an early age. It’s not easy to study and pursue your passions at the age of 35. But she’s never been bothered about the rat race and does her own cat walk in life.  And that’s what makes her special.

A mother of 2 kids (or should I say monsters) , she is herself a kid at heart still.  Her lame jokes are sometimes too difficult to bear but she ends up laughing on them herself in order to make up. Her fetish for ready-made hair is growing by each passing year.  Every time I meet her once in few months,  she has a new one to show me.

Her happy go lucky nature makes her everyone’s favorite.  Today,  on her birthday,  I heartily wish that all her wishes come true,  but only the ones which are best for her. Her demands from life are minuscule as compared to the magnanimity of her heart.  The post has become too melodramatic I suppose.  I was told by my sister to write it this way.  Ab khush behen?

Jokes apart, Happy Birthday again ! 🙂


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