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Remembering My Mentor – Jyoti

Today all of a sudden I am remembering this lady – Jyoti Grover. She was my first Boss at Quadrangle Consulting and Mentor for whom I have immense respect.

A decade back, when I graduated from College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, I was all pepped up for the corporate job. All through the 3 grueling years of graduation, we were exposed to all facets of Management concepts and theory. But when I plunged into the corporate world, I realized I was naive and putting theory into practice was a different story altogether.

Jyoti Grover

I had deep interest in HR and it’s behavioral aspects. And getting a job at Quadrangle Consulting was like a dream come true. I remembered when I went for the first interview, she literally scanned me making me a little conscious. But somehow the way she conducted the interview made me say a yes to the job. I wanted to work with this lady , under this lady.

At that time, she was a totally FAB India person – with her silk suits, minimal makeup and a boisterous smile. She could be extremely sweet, motherly, caring and concerned. And a few seconds later , you could also find her losing her control and yelling. But everyone at office still liked her and looked up-to her. Because she exuded a charisma. Her understanding of human behavior was impeccable. She could read between the lines and was pro in assessing personalities in our client meetings.

When I joined, I was working among Consultants with Masters in Psychology and oodles of attitude and experience. For them I was a bachi and someone who didn’t understand the nature of business. But I confident of my abilities and passionate about exploring it. And Jyoti also saw a spark in me and put in her trust. My first project was designing a case study for Honeywell. I was given this work with a pre conceived notion that I would do the preliminary research and create a draft and these “psychologists” will edit and make it as per client’s requirement. I gave my 200%. And and all were amazed because they just didn’t have much to edit:) and then came good projects with biggies like Pidilite, Godrej and Airtel.

During my 3 years stint and working with Jyoti, I learnt a lot. She’s taught me, ridiculed me, scolded me, loved me. And that’s the beauty of a beautiful Coach. There has been no better mentor so far than her. Though I do not have much interaction with her now. But any day if she calls and asks me for something, I will blindly say yes without any questions asked. That is the respect and gratefulness I have for her.

Thank you Jyoti! Still remembering your voracious smile 🙂

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