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What’s Cooking!

Tried out 3 things and they all turned out really good, beyond my expectations. Since I was trying them for the first time, I wasn’t sure how they would taste. But it was worth trying since they did not require much of ingredients or complex process.


  1. Mushroom Soup: I love Mushrooms. Credit goes to a Delhi friend who hates cottage cheese. Whenever she and I used to go for Lunch, ordering a “paneer” dish was a no-no. So I tested Mushroom once and actually liked it. I But I do not get to eat it often at home as everyone does not like it. For a change, I thought of trying something with Mushrooms at home. I first purchased them and later explored the possibilities on youtube :).  Mushroom Tikka, Mushroom lollipop, Mushroom Gravy and a plethora of other options. Since I was looking for an oil-free option, I thought of trying Mushroom soup.  One interesting thing I came to know that Mushrooms contain a lot of water, so one can just clean them with a clean cloth before using.  I was apprehensive about the taste but this was the BEST soup I’ve ever had – healthy, easy to make and filling. To give it an Italian touch, I added oregano and pasta herbs.I was so engrossed in savoring the taste that I remembered to click a pic halfway through 🙂
Mushroom Soup
Mushroom Soup

2. Hotel wali Dahi ki Chutney: We all make Hare Dhaniye (coriander) ki chutney at home. That is a usual affair. I came across this “Hotel Style” chutney recipe and thought of giving it a shot. And after making it, I said to myself Swati, muy bien! (meaning very good). It actually tasted that well. Adding Pudina, Curd and some spices gave the usual Hare Dhaniye ki chutney an enriching flavor. 


3. Soya Chaap Tikka :  I had been wanting to make it but deferring it every time. Making the above Chutney compelled me to try this out because the combination would be perfect. This was a time taking recipe because of marination. Don’t go by this picture – it tasted well. However, I added gram flour to the marination which was a  spoiler. Next time, I made it without it and it was perfect! Eating them with the chutney left me drooling 🙂


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