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The Other Side : POP Series

Power of Positivity (POP) Series

Motivational Story #1:

There was a man who was reading a magazine. Her little daughter was distracting her and not letting her to read the magazine peacefully. He then tore out a page where world map was printed. He further tore the page into pieces and advised his daughter to go to her room and put them together and make the map again. He was sure, it would take the whole day for her daughter to remake the map. But to his surprise, she came back within a few minutes.

He asked his daughter if it is done. She replied “Yes dad, it is done’. He then asked her how she could do it so quickly. She replied “Oh dad, there was a man’s face on the other side of the page. I made the face of the man perfect to make the map right. She ran out of the room to play outside leaving the father surprised.

Moral of the Story:

 There is always the other way around to the problem. Whenever you come across a puzzle or challenge of life, look at the other side. You will be surprised to find out an easy way to resolve the problem.

Most of the time, it is only the perception of the mind. You think that you won’t be able to solve the life puzzle. But let your mind be free, let it think freely. Don’t put it in the limit and then see how efficiently it comes out with a solution.

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