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#MeToo is the talk of town these days. Girls and women, of all ages, are coming forward and openly sharing the harassment they’ve been through…some disclosing it after more than a decade!

Like the #MeToo movement, during the Nirbhaya Rape case, there was a huge hue and cry. There were protests, online campaigns and everyone, including me, could feel for NIRBHAYA and wanted her to recover soon.

Until last year, I used to read about all rape incidents that were published in the newspaper.  No, I did not derive any “pleasure” doing this.  Nor was I paid money to do so. But I was inquisitive to understand the “reasons” behind the incidents – how did the situation occur, how was the women doped or eluded. And another reason of reading was to be more vigilant of these situations. Sadly, in most cases that I read, I found the women at fault too.  Yes, I did feel so.  And that’s entirely my personal opinion. 

What I interpreted after reading the rape cases in Newspaper was:

  1. The woman took lift from an unknown person, especially late night.  No wise woman would have done that. Don’t you think?
  2. The woman was called for a job interview at some shady place and she drank the juice they offered and she fell unconscious. Not the fault of the woman entirely but considering the current social scenario, she could have been careful and avoided going to a shady place.
  3. The woman was with her boyfriend in a hotel room. So how is it a “rape”?
  4.  The woman made a “Facebook friend” and they decided to meet. The rest we all know what would have happened. Why did she hide from her parents and go alone to meet a stranger?
  5. The woman stripped in front of her boyfriend, he made a video and then coerced her. Again, the woman should have avoided listening to her heart and trusting him.
  6. The woman called an Ola / Uber and fell asleep in the car and he took her to a deserted place and raped her. It wasn’t your personal car, why be reckless and sleep?

I know the above incidents are just a few and only point out that women need to be extra careful and not trust anyone.

Yes, this is the sad reality of our society. People come in support of rape victims but no one works on the root causes – the factors which are leading to such demeaning mentality of a section of men.

Now, scenarios have become even worse in rape cases. It is heart rendering to hear a father raping his daughter, a devar raping her bhabhi, a brother raping her cousin sister, a neighbor raping neighbor’s daughter. It is worse because the rape virus has reached blood relations or close relations too! So far, it was outsiders and the common dialogue was “ Teri ma behen nahi hai kya”. Now they are also not spared?

The trust is getting lost and trauma is reigning. Not sure how much impact #MeToo movement will have but it is certainly creating a wave. Let’s hope and pray that it is helpful in bringing some positive change in the society.



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